We are specialize in managing the transport of major infrastructure and industrial projects to and from India and have established a reputation for providing safe, cast-efficient and time saving inland transportation solution.

We are specialize in:

Project Planning
Port Facilitation
Road transportation
Rail transportation
River transportation
Coastal transportation
ODC handling
Customs Clearance

Our organization provides projects shippers with a frequency and reliability of the entire scope of service on land, sea and air, that allows projects to move on a “just in time” basis anywhere in the world. The basis cannot be built using traditional, structured services. It requires an organization that is designed to anticipate change rather than follow routine. It requires an approach to resource acquisition based on fixing , ships and equipment the immediate cargo requirements rather the building a permanent, long term fleet with inflexible capabilities. In short, it requires a higher commitment to meeting customer’s needs than to the structures deployment of a fixed fleet of vessels or equipment.

Client services given by us:-

We at Able Shipping Agencies (India ) Pvt. Ltd., are aware of the logistics requirement of clients especially, towards eliminating hurdles and timely delivery of the consignments in the best possible manner for faster execution. Our team, transport contractors and others involved in the clearance of the consignments in the best possible manner for faster execution. Our team has comprehensive knowledge of custom law, procedures and tariff classification and is managed by experienced professionals who have the requisite knowledge in import, expert clearance, and allied trades.

Market Intelligence and Development:–

We believe in serving our principals better, hence we keep them abreast about the various events, be it concerning operational activities, marketing or any other general information our executives regularly monitor niche market opportunities. In conclusion we serving our principals has inspired us to provide the above integrated services which are upgraded from time to time to bring it at par with international standards, Our team can give you the competitive edge, you need which only professional expertise and personalized service can provide. After all we have been doing just that for all these years.